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The common understanding of "utility" in the NFT space is entirely wrong, and Celephais is here to prove that. Forget staking in roadmaps, whitelist markets or "alpha". We do not consider those utilities, they are already a part of Celephais. The market standards is only the basics for us. We do not define Celephais by a single word, it's simply not a project one can summarize in a short sentence. Rather we orient ourselves in the direction where we can fill in the gaps within the NFT world. One primarily being the art. Celephais encourages, creates opportunities and teaches artists and all art admirers to take the best from their experience in this space.
Whether it's with world renowned artists such as Voka or partnerships with the top NFT projects, Celephais aims to provide art and education in as many means as possible. We, however, do not want to stop at a certain point. The entire point is to create and expand our reach into as many lives as possible, and thats what we are here for. If you are an artist looking for a job, if you are a project founder looking for artists, if you are a trader, looking for tools and actual information, whether you are just an art appreciator or a newcomer wanting to learn about the NFTs in general, Celephais is the right place for you.
The Celephais has came to life through 6 months of work with our artists UrsoBlanco and VollpART and our amazing team, with one common goal: our passion for Celephais. Amidst all the difficulties and the nonsense we see in the current NFT space, our team gathered to do something so simple yet unique at the same time. With a total supply of 3,333 and mint price below 0.1 ETH, we aim to create a community filled with passionate and eager people to learn and contribute to one and another. We are all very skilled in our own fields, and found Celephais to be the perfect medium to share our experiences with the tight-knit people we will have here at Celephais.
[REDACTED] Market!
A brand new concept never explored in the space before where the holders will be able to use [REDACTED] to purchase new [REDACTED] and modify your NFTs!
Completely free top quality new gen art which consists of [REDACTED] style Celephais characters, banners and professional 3D metaverse ready avatars!
What good is lore for if it isn't for entertainment and bringing our characters to life? We will create a manga series exploring the Dream City with characters from our collection!
This is the most challenging yet exciting phase for Celephais. Building a real world brand. Utilizing the projects unique characters and the experience of our team, we will work towards branding Celephais in the WEB2 and WEB3 worlds.
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